Photos by Icarus


We at Icarus Photography are always striving to improve our portfolio and profile amongst our

clients. Weddings form much of our photographic work and what we are about, however we are

far more than wedding photographers.


The creation of our sister site, Photos by Icarus, showcases are entire portfolio which complements our weddings galleries. Clients can smoothly move between our sites to gain a better picture of our brand and what we are about.


Music and live event photography form another theme to our portfolio, complementing the

weddings and boosting our profile in the Bath and Bristol region. We have covered a whole succession of gigs and festivals for several years, combining photography with reviews and allowing us to develop a network of contacts with artists and tour managers. Bellowhead, The Levellers, The Selecter, Wonderstuff, Epica, Kaiser Chiefs have all been covered by us in a series of memorable performances.


Weddings and music form the core of our portfolio, they are at the heart of the Icarus brand, and rightly claim some of our best photography. Complementing the weddings are family events such as birthdays and christenings, where are interest in capturing the moment comes into play.


Other themes show our breadth of photography beyond the core brands. Photos of the West Country region and the UK show our photographic interest in townscapes, buildings and countryside. The classic scenes of Bristol, Bath and elsewhere. Such photography also shows our coverage of live events such as historical re enactments which are very popular in Bath and elsewhere.


Europe and travel are also a larger theme of Icarus. We have travelled throughout Europe and continue to do so. Sofia in Bulgaria and Paris are favourites of ours, and we hope to add to the galleries of Europe with further coverage.


Sport in Bath has also been covered by Icarus, namely Bath Rugby. We have photographed

many matches home and away for a number seasons, capturing the triumph and loss of Bath

Rugby's fortunes. Such photography has helped improve our profile.


Photos by Icarus shows our wider portfolio, expanding from the core work of weddings and live

event. This is only the beginning, follow our blogs and latest news on the sites and FB etc as we

increase our portfolio.